Vonrei is a professional residential property investment company dedicated to purchasing homes fast in any condition or situation and without real estate commissions or fees.


Are you a real estate agency?

No, VONREI is not a real estate brokerage looking to list your home and charge you commissions or fees for it. We are a residential property investor that buys homes by helping homeowners get a quick cash offer.

Am I obligated to sign your cash offers?

You are not under any obligation to sign our cash offers on your home without your agreement. We won’t even insist on signing our cash offer after its delivery. The offer delivered to you after initial inquiry is just to let you know how much VONREI is ready to pay for your home if it is purchased for cash and in its present condition.

Do you buy homes “As Is”?

Yes, of course! VONREI “As Is” and make sure you get a good price without having to make any repairs. With us, you won’t have to put on a fresh coat of paint, install new carpet, fix roofs, remodel kitchens, or upgrade bathrooms. We are ready to buy your home in its present condition and do the necessary repairs.

Can you purchase my home fast and help me stop foreclosure?

Yes, absolutely. We are capable and ready to buy your home even if you are facing foreclosure. We can help you avoid foreclosure in just few days from the auction.

How much can you pay for my home?

Our real estate consultants are specialists in deciding the right price for your home after valuation. They are aware of the local market condition and will give the most competitive offer for your home. There is no magic formula for how much we buy homes for, every house and neighborhood is unique. We Buy Homes researches the condition of the home and local market conditions before making an offer.

Will I have to pay a service charge or real estate commission?

No, we don’t charge anything for selling your house fast. You don’t even have to pay us any commissions or fees.

How long does it take to close?

Closing can usually be done as quickly or as long as you like, we’re flexible! VONREI has an expert team that runs all of the title work quickly so we can close fast.

Do you buy my house if it needs immediate repairs?

We buy homes “as is” for quick cash. We have the capital and expertise to easily manage renovating of your house. We buy homes in need of fixing and repair – saving you the hassle and expense of hiring and managing contractors.

If you’re interested in learning more about ways we can work together don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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